Margaret skillfully coached me through the process of dealing with a narcissistic ex spouse. After years of dealing with the legal system and almost giving up, she took what felt like an insurmountable task, broke it down into logical steps and gave me the courage and tools I desperately needed to face it and work through it successfully. Working with her has definitely changed my life.
— L.T.
Margaret helped me maintain my sanity through a rocky time.  This, in turn, helped calm things down between Frank and me.  He agreed to move out and we have jointly agreed to a collaborative divorce process.  I sincerely appreciate her help because I entered the divorce process knowing I will be ok when all is said and done.  Slowing the decision down helped us be on more peaceful terms.  Margaret helped me to address my fears and I have now largely adapted to the idea of this new chapter of life.   
— M.J.
I have personally benefitted from working with Margaret as she helped me navigate a difficult family situation. What impressed me is that Margaret is an incredible listener, a rarity these days. She let me process the situation and guided rather than dictated possible solutions and in the end, with her help, I have been able to deal with this family problem. My life is much calmer and I have been able to deal with my family problems with grace and the knowledge that the solutions based on her coaching were the best for all involved.
— K.W.